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Our North Star

We are advocates of community well-being through social responsibility. We are proud to be agents of social change by aligning our skills and talents to supporting the needs of our communities (We like to believe that our writing skills are our Family’s Super Power). For us, publishing bilingual books is about the proud expression of culture, identity, and about celebrating world languages.


We wish to be totally transparent with our supporters, so in full disclosure…for us, publishing bilingual books is also a political and social justice statement. As advocates for an equitable, high-quality education, we believe that all children, regardless of their socio-economic status, must have opportunities to learn and understand the meaning of new words that enrich their lexicon; and their school and life experience.



By publishing high-quality bilingual books, we also wish to disrupt the status quo on traditional publishing. We are answering the Call-to-Action to increase the number of children’s books available that are written, illustrated, and published by and about people of color (POC).  Learn more about the disparity in the US. children's book industry at the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC).


In addition, our business will always consider the environment as we make choices with integrity in support of a sustainable planet. For this reason, we have decided to print our books domestically, rather than overseas, to help reduce our carbon footprint. We also believe that by keeping our dollars in America, we are supporting the U.S. economy which helps our local communities.

One more thing! We recycle as much as we can. If your book order arrives in a less than perfect box, please forgive us as it's likely we recycled it. We promise the interior contents will impress you even if the exterior presentation may not have. 


Furthermore, we have identified community organizations in Los Angeles County that will receive a portion of book sale proceeds to support their own efforts towards community well-being and positive social impact.

  •  Mommy, Tell Me Why I Am Radiant / Mami, ¿dime por qué soy radiante? supports South Central LAMP. This book is a celebration of a positive parent-child relationship and is aligned with the wonderful work that LAMP does supporting families in their parent education programs. Please help us support this non-profit organization and visit their site to learn more. 


  • Hummingbird – Colibri – Uitsitsilij  supports local schools that are centered around  indigenous teachings and culture. We are proud to align our business with community-based organizations and schools that believe in ancestral knowledge through the protection and revitalization of indigenous languages, such as Nahuatl. #LanguageJustice


  • We are currently researching non-profit organizations that align with our passion for arts integration in order to make a commitment on proceeds earned from our bilingual book, I Want to Dance like a Koala Bear / Quiero bailar como un koala. We’d love to hear from you if you have an organization or group to nominate!


We hope that you will join us in this movement. To learn more about our reasons to publish books, check out an interview that was published on award-winning author and activist, Maya Christina Gonzalez’ blog.

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