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Mommy, Tell Me Book Series

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English/Spanish Edition
English/Italian Edition
32 pages - 8 x 10 in.
32 pages - 8 x 10 in.

About Mommy, Tell Me Why I Am Radiant

A bilingual picture book about a little girl and her mommy who are enjoying a fanciful conversation that reminds them both of their radiance. The vocabulary words help increase children's language skills, instills self-confidence, and encourages a deeper appreciation of Mother Earth.

Child-friendly definitions are included to help parents explain the meaning of the words.

Un libro bilingüe sobre una niña y su mamá que disfrutan de una encantadora conversación en la que la pequeña descubre que es tan radiante como lo es su madre. El vocabulario ayuda a aumentar las destrezas del lenguaje en los niños, eleva su autoconfianza, y fomentan una apreciación más profunda hacia la Madre Tierra.

Se incluyen explicaciones sencillas para describir el significado de las palabras utilizadas en el libro.

Our book read aloud by Mr. Aceves, School Librarian and interpreted to American Sign Language (ASL) by Ms. Ceci Palomares! 

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"Mommy, Tell Me Why I Am Radiant by Sandra Gonzalez and her daughter, Julia Rae Rodriguez, is an absolute delight. This heart-warming book will enhance the home libraries of English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, or dual-language families and is sure to be one that children request over and over again. After all it’s all about them!


Above and beyond that, the book’s value lies in the authors’ skills in describing in vivid English and Spanish the depth of the mother-daughter bond and in modeling how parents’ words so powerfully lay the foundation for life-long learning. Its messages emphasize the fact that parents truly are their children’s first and most important teachers. 


In the narrative, a mother vividly describes her love for her daughter as she compares her to the brilliance of Mother Earth. Her words present concrete images that reinforce her daughter’s language comprehension as well as her connection to the natural world and to her own uniqueness. Reynaldo Mora’s vibrant illustrations will give mothers and daughters even more in the world outside their doorsteps to talk about together. Readers will also find bilingual parent letters and nine-year-old Julia Rae Rodriguez’s child-friendly definitions as an added bonus.


This is a book destined to become a family treasure."

Ann C. Barbour, Ph.D., professor, author, consultant for Sesame Workshop and content director for KCET’s A Place of Our Own and Los Niños en Su Casa.

Other Mommy, Tell Me Titles

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Mommy, Tell Me Where I Will Travel

A bilingual picture book for moms and their young daughters. The use of intriguing vocabulary words to describe the wonders of the world help elevate a child’s interest in geography and world travel. Parents will be proud to raise a xenophile – a person who loves foreign people and foreign things! 

Mommy, Tell Me How I Am A Leader

A bilingual picture book for moms and their young daughters. The vigorous vocabulary words used in this book inspire, empower, and galvanize families to raise strong daughters who speak their truth by being bold, courageous, and fearless.

Mommy, Tell Me About My Brother

A bilingual picture book for moms and their young daughters. The sophisticated vocabulary words used in this compassionate conversation between a mother and daughter uplift dads, brothers, and all the men that enrich a girl’s life.

All titles proudly printed in the U.S.A.
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