New Release

Written and Illustrated by Reynaldo Mora, B.A.
Indigenous Language Consultation by:
Cuitlahuac Arreola Martinez

We are taking our mission to publish bilingual children's books

to another level!


Our new trilingual counting board book is a celebration of languages, numbers, and hummingbirds! Children and grown-ups ages 3 – 103 will be mesmerized by the hand-drawn illustrations as they learn to count from zero to 10 in English, Spanish, and Huasteca Nahuatl.


Many people who speak Spanish in North America today, have ancestors who spoke Nahuatl. At one time, Nahuatl was the main language used in ancient Mexico. Today, it is very much alive with over 1.7 million people throughout Mexico who speak a variety of this beautiful indigenous language. 

This board book is the first in a series of concept books that introduces young children to basic skills critical to their cognitive development while exposing their ear to the sounds of other languages. The next book in this series will teach colors as the concept and will celebrate another indigenous language from Central Mexico, Otomí.


      Nahuatl       Español/Spanish     Inglés/English

0       Yonse                 Cero                             Zero      


1         Se                        Uno                               One


2        Ome                    Dos                               Two


3        Eyi                        Tres                               Three


4       Naui                     Cuatro                          Four


5       Makuili                 Cinco                            Five


6       Chikuase            Seis                                Six


7        Chikome             Siete                             Seven


8        Chikueyi              Ocho                            Eight


9        Chiknaui              Nueve                         Nine


10      Majtlaktli               Diez                             Ten

Nahuatl 0 -10
00:00 / 00:16
Spanish - Español 0 -10
00:00 / 00:13
English - Inglés 0 - 10
00:00 / 00:13
All titles proudly printed in the U.S.A.