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Skillful & Soulful: Through our business name we promote what we refer to as living skillfully & soulfully. This means living in balance in all aspects of life: relationships, parenting, career, health, spirituality, play, and all other critical components of who we are and what we do. SKILLFUL refers to living in a logical and analytical way – fully in our masculine energy. SOULFUL refers to living in tune with our intuition and creativity – fully in our feminine energy. We wholeheartedly believe that our best and most blissful experiences as human beings are lived when we master the art of living in a way that is both skillful & soulful. Finding balance is BLISS!

Sandra Gonzalez, Author

By day, Sandra enjoys her 15-year career in early childhood education. By night (weekends, vacations, and holidays too!), she writes children's books with the help of her children.  Sandra and her daughter, Julia Rae, are currently working on their Mommy Tell Me Book Series. The first of four bilingual picture books in the series to be published is Mommy, Tell Me Why I Am Radiant / Mami, ¿dime por qué soy radiante? The book was beautifully illustrated by her husband, Rey Mora.

Sandra is particularly passionate about teaching young children words and language because this sets a strong foundation for school and life success. She thrives on helping parents be their child's first and best language teacher! Sandra earned a Master's Degree in Education and has a teaching credential in parenting. Other passions and life purposes include: community advocacy, Aztec dance, world travel, inspiring parent-child relationships to be more loving, and cuddling with her son, Cristian Gabriel, and her daughter, Julia Rae.

Julia Rae Rodriguez, Co-Author

Julia Rae has been fascinated by words since she was a baby. Her favorite color at two years old was chartreuse and she described her favorite people as “exquisite” when she was three. Julia is in the fifth grade at a public school in Whittier, CA. Her favorite subject is science. Her creative hobbies include acting, singing, and making her family laugh with her improvisation. When she grows up she wants to live in Paris, France with her friends. Julia’s dreams include traveling the world, being a successful business owner, and becoming a world-known author. Julia helped make history and marched at the Women’s March Los Angeles in January 2017 with 750,000 other beautiful people who stood up for love, respect, and rights for all humans.

Reynaldo (Rey) Mora, Illustrator

Rey is a figurative artist with extensive experience creating art using a variety of media. He is dedicated to creating meaningful artwork that promotes cultural appreciation and increases awareness of current issues affecting our society. The theme that most resonates with Rey’s work is movement. Rey feels that in movement there is life, progress, and growth. He believes strongly that those things that do not move – die. To Rey, his art represents a lifting and moving of the spirit. Rey Mora also expresses movement through Aztec Dance. Images that he paints are directly influenced by his active participation in this creative and sacred ritual that has been practiced for hundreds of years. When he is not dancing or painting, he is working on completing his Bachelors of Fine Art. Mommy, Tell Me Why I Am Radiant is Rey’s first illustrated book.

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