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School and Library Visits

We love to visit schools, libraries, and parent education programs!

We offer a variety of school and library presentations which can be tailored and customized to grade-level, group size, or type of event.

Working with preschoolers and kindergarteners is our favorite!

Visits include:

  • 45-minute session (30 minutes for preschool and Kindergarten)

  • Presentation describing why and how we became authors/illustrators

  • Interactive demonstration of a portfolio showing the book-making process

  • Read aloud of selected picture book

  • Brief Q&A

  • One book donated to the school library

  • Book signing for pre-orders



Full-Day …………………………….. $1,100.00*

(Up to 3 sessions)


Half-Day …………………………….. $ 850.00*

(up to 2 sessions)


Single Session ……………………. $450.00*


Virtual Visit……………………………$200.00

(30 minutes only)


The fine print:

*Fees listed here are based on author visits to sites within Los Angeles County. Additional $100 - $200 fee for visits in Orange and San Bernardino Counties. For out-of-state visits, please email us to discuss travel and other costs.

Significant discount on author fees with book pre-sales. Contact us for details. 

Other Author Visits Available

Family Literacy Night:

A 15-20 minute presentation and read aloud for families attending your literacy event.


Investment: Round-trip mileage reimbursement plus the opportunity to sell our books at the literacy event. A small honorarium is requested if book sales are not permitted.


Book Fair Signings:

If you’re in Los Angeles County, I’d love to sign books at your school or library book fair. Author fees may be discounted (or waived) if books are pre-ordered from Skillful & Soulful Press directly.


If the book fair is raising funds for a Title I public school or a non-profit organization, we can negotiate a portion of sale proceeds to your fundraising efforts. 


Meet ‘n’ Greet:

Free 10-minute virtual meet ‘n’ greet for classrooms that have already read one of our picture books and are interested in meeting the author and/or illustrator.

Parent Education Workshops:

We offer a variety of parent education topics that can be customized to meet the needs of your program. We are able to deliver the information in either English or Spanish. Two of our most popular sessions are:

1. The Value of Words: How to invest in a child’s word bank 

2. Art & Language: Family conversations that enrich children's language 

Book at Central Lib.jpg

But….what if we can’t afford to pay you?

Thank you for the question!

Here’s the response ….. It is especially important for us to be able to reach children of all backgrounds. If your school or agency truly cannot allocate funds for an author visit and you are located in the Greater L.A. area, please contact us and let us know that you’ve attempted key strategies to help cover some of the costs. We'll do our best to support you!

If your school/agency is outside the L.A area, I offer a limited number of free virtual visits per year for Title I or other traditionally underserved schools/programs.

Some things you can do include:

  • Ask your PTA or PTSA for support

  • Coordinate a fundraiser

  • Contact a local business who can sponsor the visit in exchange for advertising

  • Contact your Office of Education or State Department of Education for scholarship opportunities

  • Partner with a library or another school and share the costs

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